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Heywood & Condie describe their work as 'horticultural installation art'. Their area of interest principally concerns new ways of engaging with and representing landscape and nature. The combination of Heywood’s background in horticulture and anthropology and Condie’s in botany and zoology has resulted in the formulation of a unique series of art works, which are often hard to classify. Their practice crosses many genres including land art, sculpture, horticulture, painting, video and performance and individual works can often synthesize elements from all of these disciplines in their final realization. So, often a work will be the result of multidisciplinary investigations into an area of interest.


For example, a sample of nature could be captured on film, translated into a drawing within a happening, which is turned into a maquette and then a monumental sculpture, which then may become the prop for a film, performance piece or installation. 


Their works vary in scale from large-scale public commissions covering many acres to smaller gallery-based work including micro landscapes in petri dishes. A notable feature of much of the work is the inclusion of living plant material. 





current exhibitions

22 November 2018 – 22 February 2019

Heywood & Condie


25 Porchester Place, London, W2 2PE

past exhibitions

13 March – 7 May 2018

Heywood & Condie

Breathe: A Green Lung

10 March – 3 September 2017

Heywood & Condie

Head Land

6 June – 28 October 2016

Heywood & Condie

The Gardener

24 November 2015 – 22 May 2016

Heywood & Condie


The Gardener

14 October – 10 November 2014

Brand New Second Hand

Vigo Gallery
29 June – 23 September 2012

London Twelve

City Gallery of Prague
17 April – 11 May 2012


An exploration of Britain's cultural identity

Vigo Gallery

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Heywood & Condie

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Heywood & Condie

Paint Pours

shown at Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh