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Highly acclaimed collaborative artists Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings are internationally renowned for their works on canvas and in mosaic. A team of two their oil paintings are about colour, light and perception. They use a mute, blank, intricate form – a series of triangles in a grid – not as an idea in itself, or as a quote from life, but as an inert container for colour. Meaning is everywhere -- it’s hard to avoid. Representation looms up in spite of Biggs' and Collings' intentions, but they aim to examine what the world looks like if you take away familiar forms with their confusing narrative resonances, and substitute a neutral, complex structure. It’s landscape painting without the landscape.   (The kind of landscape it would be, if there were one, would be urban rather than rural.) 


They believe that Painting today is in some kind of crisis – what is the point of an antiquated form in a world where representation is ubiquitous? Their answer comes from looking at Painting's place of origin: the history of art, and a by-product of art’s original symbolic and depictive intentions: beauty.  Hence the title of this work (as with all their recent works) comes from the Book of Genesis – whose origin myths are integral to Christian, Jewish and Islamic history, and whose tales inform early Western depiction. 





2016: They Shall be Male and Female, Vigo Gallery, London

2014: Living Creature - Vigo Gallery, London

2014: Suspicious Utopias - Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Texas, USA

2012: The Whole Earth - Vigo Gallery, London

2011: Mudlark - Charlie Dutton Gallery, London

2011: Pattern Industry - FAS Contemporary, London

2009: Five Sisters, York St Mary’s - York City Art Gallery, York

2008: English Primitive - FAS Contemporary, London

2006: Click Clack - FAS Contemporary, London

2004: Neomodernism - Cross St Gallery, London

2004: Will You Obey The Rules? - Adam Street Gallery, London





2016: HA-BIT-US, The Observer Building, Hastings

2016: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2016: Tuen the Colour Down, Turps Gallery, London

2015: Collateral Drawing – UCS, Ipswich

2015: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London 

2014: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London 

2013: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London 

2013: The Future Can Wait - Charlie Smith, London

2012: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London 

2012: London Twelve - City Art Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2012: John Moore's Painting Prize - Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (Prize winners)

2012: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London 

2012: Ha Ha What Does This Represent? - Standpoint Gallery, London 

2011: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London 

2011: Friendship of the Peoples - Simon Oldfield Gallery, London

2010: Peer Arts and Crafts Fayre – Hoxton, London 

2010: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London 

2011: Ghosts of Gone Birds - The Rochelle School, Shoreditch, London 

2010: Modern Love - Simon Oldfield Gallery, London   

2005: Nine Rooms - Scholars House, London 

2005: Colour My World - Riflemaker, London

2005: Bunking Off - Art Space, Shoreditch, London 

2003: Round Table - MOT

2003: Group Shows Are A Waste Of Time - Hoxton Distillery, London 



GROUP EXHIBITIONS (curated by Biggs & Collings)


2007: L'Artiste, Le Modèle et La Peinture - Helly Nahmad, London

2005: Colour My World - Riflemaker, London





past exhibitions

24 March – 4 May 2016

Biggs & Collings

They Shall Be Male And Female

Vigo Gallery
22 January – 19 February 2014

Biggs & Collings

Living Creature

Vigo Gallery
8 October – 9 November 2012


Vigo Gallery
29 June – 23 September 2012

London Twelve

City Gallery of Prague
23 May – 15 June 2012


Gallery artists

Vigo Gallery
13 January – 10 February 2012

Biggs & Collings

The Whole Earth

Vigo Gallery