HEYWOOD & CONDIE: SACRÉ BLUR – 25 Porchester Place, Hyde Park Estate, London

22 November 2018 - 22 June 2019
25 Porchester Place, Hyde Park Estate, London, W2 2PE
3pm - 11pm every day
Porchester Place


The picturesque destination, Connaught Village located near Hyde Park, welcomes a new outdoor art installation The Greenhouse by Heywood and Condie, first seen as part of the Barbican exhibition, to sit amongst the already established art offering.


The Greenhouse is a prominent piece of sculptural architecture consisting of a greenhouse constructed from salvaged 18th and 19th stained glass. Heywood and Condie, reconstructed the original Christian imagery which has been dismantled and reclaimed to present a world of chimeras, mythical creatures and folkloric hybrids in bright primary colours.


Once inside, the greenhouse's function as a sanctuary and space for introspection is magnified, the world of stained-glass chimeras reflected endlessly in its infinity floor. It is a place to contemplate the symbols and patterns that humans have used to celebrate the cycle of life, and to transcend the everyday.


The exhibition is located on Porchester Place, a short walk from Marble Arch and Oxford Street and it free to enter.