29 May - 31 July 2015
Vigo Gallery


Following on from Frieze, Vigo gallery presents Flamenco, a group of paintings first exhibited at Tate Modern in El-Salahi’s 2013 retrospective. In the summer of 2009 El-Salahi was one of three artists invited by the art collector AbdulMagid Breish to spend time together in Andalusia. They visited Marbella, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, and Malaga, observing the Moorish influence on the region — the architecture, the gardens, and the infrastructure that the Moors left behind. In the evenings the group went to restaurants specialising in Moorish food and every evening they attended flamenco performances. El-Salahi was fascinated by the dancing and the music that the dancers made with their feet, and flamenco became the inspiration for this series of paintings and drawings made on his return, transforming the sounds into visual form.