GRID : Vigo Gallery, London

23 May 2012 - 15 June 2013
Vigo Gallery
Artists Include: Leonardo Drew - Keith Coventry - Dadamaino - Michael Samuels - Chris Succo - Penny Lamb - Mark Francis - Nicky Hirst - Henry Krokatsis - Biggs & Collings - Wycliffe Stutchbury.

The selected works in Grid are a result of personal experiences and exploration by each artist. Although visually and thematically varied, this group of paintings and installations are unified by a basic geometric structure. Keith Coventry’s Bancroft Estate, for example, takes its inspiration from an urban housing plan of the same name, and combines it with art historical Modernist sources to create a series of diagonal shapes mimicking the layout of the original map.  Leonardo Drew’s work is derived from a combination of childhood memories and African American social histories. Mark Francis unites the painterly materials of acrylic and canvas with scientifically influenced images to create large, abstract pieces. Penny Lamb’s works are autobiographical and deeply personal and Nicky Hirst uses different media in a uniquely subtle and controlled manner. Grid includes both established and rising artists, as well as recent and older works. The result is one of visual diversity, where the varied influences, materials and compositions connect with the viewer in an individual and sometimes surprising way.