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Autonomous Morris
Smithson Plaza, London
In collaboration with Tishman Speyer, Vigo Gallery and Encounter Contemporary Smithson Plaza, 25, 26 & 27 St. James's Street, London SW1A 1HJ
5 October – 15 February 2019


From sculptures you can slide down, to gravity-defying installations, we bring you the best of the world’s art making its mark en plein air...

British-Trinidadian artist Zak Ové debuts his largest mask-sculpture to date at the newly reopened Smithson Plaza in London’s St James’s neighbourhood. The totemic sculpture comprises discarded car parts welded together including several vintage Morris bonnets, a nod to the tradition of Morris dancing that came to the UK by way of the Moors. Autonomous Morris is described by Ové as motorised ‘Macco’ – in other words, a busybody prying to other people’s business. ‘My sculpture highlights my belief in the power or play embodied in masquerade, to liberate a sense of self and provide an alternate or evolving creative space both personal and communal,’ explains the artist. ‘Autonomous Morris soaks up contemporary oral history and information, recording and storing as a “never forgetterer”.‘

13 November 2018
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