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The Invisible Man and The Masque of Blackness 
1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair London
Somerset House, The Strand, London WC2R 1LA
6 – 9 October 2016


Buyer found for Zak Ové’s masked men installation; Ordovas expands in New York


A buyer quickly emerged for Zak Ové’s impressive site-specific courtyard installation made for the third edition of the 1:54 African art fair in London’s Somerset House this week (Black and Blue: The Invisible Man and The Masque of Blackness, 2016).


Modern Forms, a contemporary art platform founded by Hussam Otaibi, managing partner of the investment group Floreat, and Nick Hackworth, the curator who previously ran London’s Paradise Row gallery, bought one of three editions of the 40 identical, life-size sculptures of Nubian masked men, priced at £300,000, through London’s Vigo gallery. The plan is for Ové’s installation to be part of a sculpture park that Modern Forms is creating at a property in Berkshire. Modern Forms was founded this year and draws on Otaibi’s 500-plus collection of mostly emerging art. Floreat is also sponsoring the fair.




8 October 2016
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