Glamourlands: A Pop Techno-Folly Trentham Gardens

While Perseus' back is turned, a Las Vegas-style digital replacement heroically sneaks in to Tretham's lakeside to take his place.

Glamourlands, the super-artifiical landscape that has been living in the Trentham Gardens for the last two years, has exploded to accommodate the arrival of a new ‘Techno-Folly pop-landscape’ which is a contemporay take on myth and majesty.

Overlooking the Italianate garden, the steel core originally conceived by Heywood and Condie to contain a crazy, mythical, bejewelled landscape has now erupted in scale and bling factor in order to accommodate more contemporary symbols of myth and majesty.

A digital version of the classic creation myth by UNANICO is projected onto an animated screen now placed within the existing structure. Dazzling cartoons in kaleidoscopic technicolour are spliced together with pagan imagery, digital flowers, rain gods and DNA sequences in a Gorgon-defying brew.

This dazzling confection of super artificiality is accompanied by a newly commissioned soundscape which splices together 70s computer gaming tracks with recordings of nature, all remixed in a mash-up of petrifyingly modern British sounds.

19 October 2012
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