Henry Krokatsis

exhibits in Denmark

Art Park OrdupgaardVilvordevej 110 DK-2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark
11 June 2015 – 10 June 2016
Henry Krokatsis's Confession Box 'Confiteor' will be exhibited until May 2016.

Please click HERE to read Henry Krokatsis discussing 'Confiteor' in an interview with Kopenhagen.



Each summer, for the past three years, Art Park Ordrupgaard invites contemporary artist to make an artwork in the park, taking their point of departure in the nature of the park or the museum. This year they invited Simon Starling, Klara Kristalova and Henry Krokatsis.

Henry Krokatsis likes to recycle discarded objects in his works. Old mirrors, stained glass and antique glass are among the items that find their way into his art. For Ordrupgaard, he has built a pavilion. Or is it a tool shed? Or a confessional, or an interrogation room? You can look out of it - but not in. Krokatsis combines many different expressions, which makes their function hard to decipher, and causes the work to stand in disturbing contrast to the harmonious and luxurious villa of the museum.