Artist Lakwena has brought some colour to Covent Garden – Time Out – Joe Mackertich
Nothing Can Separate Us
Covent Garden. Floral Street 
8 July – 30 September 2021


Floral Street in Covent Garden has been blasted with colour thanks to a new installation called ‘Nothing Can Separate Us’, courtesy of London artist Lakwena. Meanwhile, King Street and Henrietta Street are getting a load of flags, covered in eye-catching, positive messaging. Nice!


It does seem like London has developed a serious love of bright, colourful public art. Makes sense, that after 18 months staring at the same four walls, we want to surround ourselves with the retina-scorching work of Camilla Walala and Yinka Ilori.


Lakwena's installation follows her work appearing at Tate Britain, Somerset House and the Southbank Centre.  


In interviews, Lakwena has explained that ‘Nothing Can Separate Us’ is about our connection to God and each other. ‘It was inspired by a book called “Romans”,’ she said. ‘The message is central to the work and the colours and typography are all there to assist the message. For instance, using colours that vibrate with each other is really important in making the art feel alive. I have quite an instinctive relationship with typography.’


Covent Garden has produced the flags using 100 percent recycled yarn from ocean waste.


‘It is such an honour to have worked with Covent Garden on this art installation to welcome everyone back to Covent Garden and central London,’ said Lakwena. ‘I am excited to be able to speak into this iconic area of London and see it come back to life.’ 


The Lakwena art installation will be on show from July 7 until August 2021. 

8 July 2021
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